Sunday, August 12, 2012

Days 12-15 Los Angeles, CA

Well we finally made it to California! After just over a week in Texas we finally got the Subaru back on the road. Instead of stopping in Santa Fe and the Grand Canyon as we had originally planned we drove pretty much straight there, luckily with so many drivers, it was really an issue. While making our way through Arizona however we noticed that the car was starting to be affected by the heat, in order to keep the engine cool we had to blast the heat in 116 degree weather with the windows open as well. It worked, but I can't say that I was overjoyed at the time!

The same night we arrived also happened to be the same day as the art walk where the galleries stay open late, theres music and food trucks as well. We had a lot of fun just walking around and getting our first look at the LA culture!

The next day we started out early and Olivia took us on a tour of USC, Liam was really excited as he is thinking of applying to the film school there!

Today Olivia and I checked out the West Hollywood area and some of the local thrift stores on Melrose, Olivia even found a rad hat while we were there! Below is a picture of the Rainbow Crosswalk in West Hollywood. So pretty!

Afterwards we went to Milk which has amazing Blue Velvet cake! But as we had been walking around all day in the heat I was equally excited for the glass of milk!

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