Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 7 Austin, TX to San Antonio, TX

Before leaving for San Antonio Melissa gave us a walking tour of downtown Austin. We were all pretty hot and took cover in the AC whenever we could!

 Below is a picture of what they call car2go, they are basically the same things as the Barclay bikes, but they are cars. I thought this was the coolest thing and can't wait for them to spread to more cities!

We ended our trip with a stop at the local Snow Cone cart near Melissa's house. It was very refreshing after walking around in the heat! They had so many different flavors, Olivia was even able to order Cactus Juice which was pretty good!

Upon arriving in San Antonio at our Uncle John's house we were greeted by I don't know how many dogs, three? four?....... thats not even counting all the amazing cats they had! Their garden was a kids heaven, so much to do and look at! It contained a treehouse, sandbox, fire pit, guest house, pond with goldfish, multiple tire swings, a swing set and bars and ropes to swing on! Below are pictures of their guest house (which John built himself!), the garden and pictures of us with various pets!

You can see the large table in the background where we had our AMAZING family dinner that they cooked for us!

Liam with Coco the dog.

The walls of the house were covered in paintings, most of which were painted by John's mother-in-law. There was just so much in the house to look at, I barely had time to soak it all in! 

Olivia with her new favorite cat! She barely moved the whole evening from that spot, until Leo (one of the children) picked her up.

A picture of John and Liam playing one of their many games of chess that day!

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