Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 3 Mt Pleasant

We left Memphis around nine in the evening after deciding to drive through the night so we would have more time with Grandma Kathy in Dallas. Unfortunately when we were only two hours outside of Dallas our wheel rolled off to join a family of rattlesnakes, leaving us in the dust. Literally....
Despite that Ariana saw a shooting star, we all saw an amazing setting moon and gorgeous sunrise and had a great laugh when all four of us + our tow guy Kenny had to squeeze into a three seater truck. Olivia and I were sitting half on Jordan and Liam's laps half on the dashboard. It was an interesting twenty miles to say the least. We caught a couple of hours sleep while waiting in the parking lot for the auto shop to open. Olivia even got a shot of the three of us sleeping!

Everyone at the auto shop was so nice and let us use their fridge and kitchenette throughout the day for eating ...........

and sleeping............

As the sun set on our 15th hour at the auto shop they told us that there was too much damage to drive to Dallas let alone to LA. The owner of the shop was kind enough to drive us to a local Burger King while we waited for Grandma Kathy and Alex to come get us. It looks like it will be Friday at the earliest before we are able to head out, but everything happens for a reason and we are just SO thankful that the accident wasn't worse and that everybody is okay. This only gives us more time to explore Dallas and spend time with the oh-so-fabulous Grandma Kathy!

Family Dinner at the local Mt Pleasant Burger King...... waiting .........again.

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