Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 1 Mountainside, NJ to Nashville, TN

We started off the trip at 5am. Liam was kind enough to take some pics along the way of the beautiful scenery.

Taking a short break while in Virginia this morning, the picture above is of the view we had while eating breakfast!

Jordan's smart shirt as we walked around Nashville's Broadway, each bar was blasting live music. It's definitely a city that cares about music above all!

Picture of the bridge at sunset that you take to come into the city.

We were lucky enough to CouchSurf in Nashville, and even more lucky with the apartment that our host is living in. It was such a nice surprise, he works for a website that helps small (mostly unsigned) bands make a name for themselves, he was able to introduce us to a few really cool bands such as Ha Ha Tonka.

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